SJICD Charging Station Program

Goal: To assist San Juan County residents in the adoption of Electric Vehicles by offsetting costs for public charging station installations, making them affordable for businesses and community groups.

How this will be achieved:  San Juan Islands Conservation District will make available reimbursements of up to $1,500 available to businesses and community groups that install publicly available Level 2 (40 Amp) EV charging stations. We are funded for up to 10 reimbursement projects.

Requirements for reimbursement eligibility:

Station Requirements

  • Charging Stations must be Level 2, 40amp. Plugs must be industry standard J1772.
  • Charging Station installation adheres to manufacturer instructions and requirements.
  • Reasonable safety considerations are made. For example, situate charging stations in a way that reduces tripping hazards and makes considerations for station users and non-users alike.

Public Availability

  • Charging Stations cannot be located on residential properties or private access roads.
  • Charging Stations must be publicly available 12 or more hours per day, 7 days a week.Charging Stations must be listed on
  • Charging Stations clearly marked with signage.

Pre-Approval of Site Plan

  • Applicant must complete EV Charging Station Application (link) and have plan approved by SJICD.


  • Any required permits must be obtained.

Property Ownership

  • Applicant must be owner of the property where the Charging Station will be located, or have express written permission from the landowner.