The Future of Transportation has arrived


The electric vehicle revolution is happening right now. Be part of a historical shift in green transport technology. The San Juans are the perfect place for a clean car takeover!


Average Driving Cost Compared to Carbon Pollution output


Check out our Electric Vehicles Frequently Asked Questions here


 A Few Simple Reason's why you should Switch to Electric:

 Super simple! 10x less parts = 10x less problems. Spend your time relaxing in clean air, not waiting for an oil change.

Average fuel savings of up to $1,000 per year vs. 30 mpg internal combustion vehicles.  ­ Reduce your impact.


OPALCO’s low carbon electricity cuts your means you’re electric car produces 200x less greenhouse gases per mile vs a fossil fuel powered car.

 Supply chain efficiency. No expensive and polluting supply chain required to run your electric car. 


Charge up!  San Juan Islands Conservation District is launching a campaign to expand EV charging stations to more locations across the islands. Finding a spot to re‐charge will soon be quick and convenient! 

­ Electric cars are cool! Quiet and smooth, EV’s have great acceleration and a low center of gravity that make them enjoyable to drive.  Not to mention the extremely high torque naturally attributed to Electric engines



Affordable vehicles are available right now. Check with SJICD to find special dealer pricing on Nissan Leaf’s. $7,500 federal tax rebates available on new vehicles.