San Juan Islands Conservation District is proud to announce our Take Charge electric vehicle program!

The San Juan Islands are the perfect place for electric vehicles. To support the transition to low carbon transport technology, we are promoting two new programs:

1.       The Public Charge Station Incentive Program, sponsored by OPALCO

2.       The Sign & Drive Lease on the 2016 Nissan Leaf SV, by Campbell Nissan of Everett

Public Charge Station Incentive Program –

Public charging stations are a crucial part of making EV adoption practical and easy for San Juan Island residents. Businesses and organizations may apply for up to $1,500 in reimbursements for installing Level 2 (240v) charging stations in parking lots or publicly available parking areas. Be sure to take advantage of the 30% Federal Tax Credit available for qualifying businesses and organizations to offset additional costs, if any. 

There are great benefits to having a charging station near your business; people will be passing the time while they top off their batteries, why not encourage them to spend that time in your business? It benefits you, nearby local businesses, the customer, and by encouraging clean transport, the whole world.

If we reach our goal of installing 10 public charging stations between the three main islands, San Juan County will boast the highest ratio of public charging stations-to-residents than anywhere in the USA!