Opalco's Smart Hub

Makes Tracking your Energy usage Easy!

Click the Smart Hub Logo to head over to Opalco's Web Portal. It only takes a few seconds to sign up. All you need is your account number and an E-mail address!


Go online and pay your bill easily and securely with SmartHub.

With SmartHub, you can log in and pay your bill over the Internet from a browser. Paying your bill online saves your co-op thousands of dollars every year, and saves the planet, too. Fewer bills equals less paper.

View your Usage

Use SmartHub to your energy usage and manage your payment. Worried about how you’re doing during the month? Log into SmartHub, click My Usage, and check. Generally the data is uploaded within 24 hours of recording.

You can analyze your usage, and do an easy usage comparison with the online tools. Curious about your Average billing? You can see a report that reports the average temperature and your usage for each month in the period you choose.



Smart Hub Tools to keep you aware

Usage Explorer

The Usage Explorer tool allows you to see your current usage, as well as past usage in one easy to use tool! It also allows you to see the typical temperature for that say! 

This is a great tool for checking out how much actual power you are using on a daily basis. have you seen a spike in energy consumption? Maybe that new space heater isn't as good of a deal as you thought it was? Find out with Usage Explorer!

The first step to conserving energy is knowing how much of it you actually use. You might be surprised!

Usage Comparison

The Usage Comparison tool is really handy for comparing two separate bills. Are you curious to see how much money that new Ductless Heating system is saving you in the Cold months? Just click on the two statements. One from before you got your new ductless and the corresponding month. You will literally see the savings in real time! 

The Usage Comparison tool will give you the piece of mind of knowing that your investment is paying for itself over time. It's also good to know when you're using a lot more power than normal.

Average Usage

The Average Usage tool breaks down what your average energy usage is. Let's be honest, we aren't going to use the EXACT same amount of power daily, weekly, monthly. It changes from day to day. On the cold days you are going to want to turn up the heat, and on hot days you'll be wanting to turn on the A/C. 

The Average Usage tool will give you a snapshot of your typical energy usage. If you notice those numbers being a little too high, it may be time to think about investing in some more efficient equipment. 

Home Energy Calculator

The Home Energy Calculator is a really valuable tool for budgeting power use. It will give you energy consumption amounts based on what information you put into it. It also have a really cool option that will show you what you are currently paying for energy and what you COULD be paying for power with the right upgrades to your home or business!

The Green Button

The Green Button allows you to download all of your power consumption data. This information can be handed off to Energy Advisors, General Contractors, Electricians...you name it! This tool is very handy for renovating a home!

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